Who We Are?

Founded in 2002 through a management buy-out of the portuguese branch of the multinational STEPSTONE, HeadPartners is an international consulting company, focused on Businesses, People & Organizations – for Companies dealing with downsizing, mergers & acquisitions and/or change management processes.

With experience in Southern Europe, Angola, Brazil, the Maghreb region, the Middle East, India & China, our projects range across various businesses sectors: Financial Services, Technologies, Construction, Industry, Distribution, Hospitality, Retail, Telecommunications, and others. Our Team possesses senior and international management background, addressing our Clients specific needs across any geography.

Our aim is to establish a close connection and a trustworthy relationship with our Clients, providing a fully personalized service – one to one, to meet their highest expectations, preserving absolute confidentiality on our services.

“It is useless to say: We are doing our best. We need to do what is necessary”

Winston Churchill